Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring Break

This spring break I have taken the break part seriously.
I am focusing on reducing stress in my life.  I do a lot of things without forethought, just spontaneously, which wreck my schedule and causes my day to spin out of control. Before you know it I've accomplished less than a quarter of what needs doing, then I'm pinning it onto the next day which is always burdened.
I also put a lot of planning into events at times, thus setting myself up with a lot of expectations that go unmet, or else the event planning causes me to slowly coil up into a curly-cue with my stress and I am left with a migraine and just wanting to go home and chill.

 On a conscious level I am breaking off from habits or behaviors that ultimately do not contribute to my quality of life.  There are things that eat away at my intentions, that swallow up my time and leave me far too stressed.
Facebook is one.  Of course I like Facebook and appreciate the ability it gives me to keep up with people. However, it eats away at my time. I really do not have an extra half hour in the day to devote to a scad of status updates. Then, scanning through, you aren't just getting the things you really want to read. You're getting what interests other people. Some you may agree with. Some you may not. Some you wish you didn't read.  Some leave you frustrated.
Either way, Facebook is a time thief. I figure those who want to keep up with me will do just that, and Facebook isn't required.

I am also looking at the things I have let slip out of my life temporarily.  Things that contributed to my wholeness.  Cooking. Gardening. Reading. These are all things that I would have more time for if I weren't so busy otherwise.

I am cutting our activities down to just a couple of times a week and focusing more on our home, which has, with all this stress and business, been somewhat neglected.

So I am centering myself.  Doing spring cleaning within myself and within my life.
Thus far, it has been quite relieving and productive.  Invoking the peace in my life has been healing in so many ways.

Here's to spring break! Hope you are enjoying yours.

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