Monday, March 12, 2012

I do not generally squeal.

It is 7am, I am naked in the shower desperately trying to kill a giant (flying) American Cockroach with my shoe.

Forget the chupacabra. One of these so-called 'water bugs' can send me into a frenzy, and I like bugs, as a rule. I will rescue them and set them outside. But not these.

They are fast. And did I mention they can fly??
All the more offensive when you are naked and vulnerable.

And they are huge.  And they don't die when you squish them.
And when you do squish them they make a terribly crunching sound and are messy.

Apparently they can climb up through pipes and in spaces around toilets.  I am making it a mission to find the entry points for these suckers and eliminate them as much as possible. My mornings just can't start this way.

Now that you need a shower, be careful to glance around before you step in there naked.


  1. Sqqqqquuuuuueeeeeellllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Meanwhile David lay snoring. It was hilarious. (After recovering)

  2. As a professional wildlife biologist...I say "YICK"!!! I hate those things!