Saturday, July 2, 2011

Blog Drama

I have this new blog. It's really now my ONLY blog, incorporating my writing blog, homeschooling blog and personal musings blog. Because over the past few years they've been scattered and why? What's the point of various blogs??  Well. Homeschooling was to share that aspect of my life, and mainly for family. Writing blog was for my writing persona and the personal blog was, well, personal.  Did I mention I have trouble keeping up with things when they are complicated?? If you know me, I probably didn't have to.
Anyway, with my new Google account I kept getting frustrated, trying to 'sign in' to blogger, when I was already signed in to Google.  Then there is issues with who has access to my old stuff that I no longer want having access to my life.  If you know me, I probably don't have to explain that either. And I won't.

So, here it is! Fresh, clean, new blog, with links to the old blogs there on the side.  R.I.P. old blogs.

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